Simple ingredients

The Apothecary’s products are special in several ways, but in particular because of what goes into them, – and what doesn’t.

We make sure that every ingredient we use:

  • is in as whole a form as possible
  • has multiple benefits to all living systems
  • occurs in nature, or is a simple combination of naturally occurring ingredients, minimally processed.

Because of this, we can be sure that our products:

  • can be easily recognised and used by our bodies
  • serve useful functions in our bodies and our environment
  • can be safely and simply dealt with in nature when we release them into air or water.

The Apothecary’s Delicious Body products include only edible ingredients.
Our Spotless Cleaning range uses ingredients that break down quickly into harmless, useful substances.

Keeping our inputs simple and wholesome makes it much easier to ensure that as few polluting industrial processes as possible are involved in obtaining them. Our simple wholesome ingredients are also as local and ethically produced as we can get them.

This means, for example

  • avoiding all petro-chemicals and foaming agents
  • favouring cold-pressed oils produced from locally grown crops, preferably without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers
  • choosing local, natural spring water, obtained at source, rather than drawing on the chemically-treated mains water supply
  • using whole herbs, often grown ourselves, simply dried and ground, or infused by us
  • drawing on the amazing therapeutic qualities of plant essential oils instead of cheating our senses with cheap and often toxic artificial fragrances
  • using organic, local ingredients whenever possible

To us, this approach is the only one that makes sense. Our products are made to help maintain clean homes and healthy, radiant bodies. Fouling the air we breathe, the soil we grow our food in, and the water we drink, should play no part in that process.

It’s that simple.