Good enough to eat

A growing number of skin care products claim to be “almost good enough to eat” – and for good reason.

The skin is our largest organ, and much of what it is exposed to, it absorbs. Our skin mounts a daily battle to shield us from the many pollutants in our environment. And although one of its many functions is to act as a barrier and protect the delicate tissues within, we are wise to remember that our skin is also a part of us – a sensitive and critically important one. Whatever we smear or spray onto our skins, is in contact with our bodies, and often for prolonged periods – as much as the food we put into our mouths.

Because of this, The Apothecary insists that all our skin care products are edible.  Their delicious aromas and rich textures all come from wholesome ingredients that have long been included in human diets, and that play useful and important roles in our bodies.

Ingesting The Apothecary’s Delicious Body products won’t harm you. Unlike the rest, we really are good enough to eat.