Our name

The term “apothecary” signifies both a place and a person. The word derives from an ancient Greek and then Latin term for a shop or storehouse, and came to mean specifically one supplying medicinal ingredients and remedies.

The apothecary was also an individual: someone who experimented with herbs, oils and minerals to produce and sell cures for various ailments and problems. Their intensive investigations formed the basis of modern pharmacology and chemistry.

Apothecaries have now been largely replaced by a range of highly complex functions ranging from pharmaceutical companies to shopping malls. Much has been gained and learned along the way, but much has been lost and forgotten.

The term “apothecary” conveys

  • a depth of experience
  • a pride in craftsmanship
  • a spirit of creative innovation in the search for useful remedies
  • and a reliance on plant and earth-based, traditional ingredients

– all important elements of what we do at The Apothecary.

The apothecary predates modern chemistry and pharmaceuticals, and using the term now harks back to a time before rampant commercialism and the prevalence of highly synthetic, petroleum based chemicals. Though rooted in history, the apothecary was nevertheless a figure constantly striving to innovate, improve and try out novel ideas and mixtures, and a place in which to do this.

There is a playful, creative aspect to using this rather archaic term today. On the other hand the apothecary is clearly linked with conserving useful knowledge, and respecting the rigours of science. We hope it conveys our joyful curiosity, our care, and our thirst for gracious goodness in everything we make and do.