General Cleaners

Spotless Oxygen Bleach

  • Available in 500g or 1 kg bags

This powerful oxidising treatment and alternative to chlorine bleach shifts stains and mold, cleans and disinfects, then breaks down readily into water, oxygen and soda ash.

  • Soak your laundry before washing to whiten and brighten, or to pre-treat stains (1 cup to 4 litres of warm water, or more for heavy stains).
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons to laundry to boost cleaning power. Will not weaken fabrics, nor cause greying or yellowing as chlorine bleach can.
  • Dilute with warm water to use for general cleaning all round the home (1 cup to 4 litres of warm water, or more for heavy cleaning, or mix to a paste with a small quantity of water to form a powerful cleaning scrub for showers etc.).
  • Sprinkle in toilet bowl and leave for 15 mins or more before scrubbing to clean and disinfect.

Ingredients: Soda ash fortified with oxygen

Oxygen is nature’s cleaner. It is the additional oxygen atoms that grab onto some of the H2O in rain to form H2O2 as it falls through the ozone layer that make rain so special. Our own bodies use oxygen in a similar way to fight off disease and infection, manufacturing H2O2 in our cells. Here H2O2 has been used to fortify soda ash with oxygen, producing a powerful cleaner and disinfectant that breaks down quickly into harmless substances.

Spotless Citric Acid

  • Available in a 250g bag

An excellent dishwasher rinse aid and multi-purpose cleaner that is naturally occurring and biodegrades easily. Store in a tightly closing container to prevent caking.

  • Add up to a teaspoon to your dishwasher dispenser to keep things sparkling.
  • Run an empty cycle with a tablespoon of citric acid to clean up the inside of your dishwasher.
  • Dilute with water (30ml: a litre) for a brilliant glass cleaner.
  • Use to get rid of limescale buildup on taps or kettles.
  • Use a stronger solution (125ml: a litre of water) to clean and disinfect counter tops or chopping boards.

Ingredient: Citric Acid

Citric acid kills bacteria, mold, and mildew. It is effective at removing soap scum, hard water stains, calcium deposits, lime, and rust. It is found naturally in food and water and biodegrades readily.

Spotless Multi-Purpose Citrus Infused Vinegar

  • Available in 250ml spray, and 500ml or 1 litre bottles

A powerful multi-purpose household cleaner with a fresh fragrance of oranges.

  • Use neat or diluted to clean windows and glass
  • Cleans ceramic, metal, or any hard household surfaces, including wood
  • Add to rinse water or use as dishwasher rinse aid for sparkling dishes and clear pipes
  • Add to a bucket of water to mop floors, including wooden floors
  • Use neat to clean and disinfect toilet bowl, chopping boards and surfaces
  • Add to a foot bath – softens skin, fights fungal infection and improves circulation
  • Dilute with water to rinse blonde hair for smoothness and shine
  • Freshens the air and deters insects.

 Ingredients: Vinegar slowly infused with orange peels, citric acid